Prayer Groups Activity

1. Solon Group at St. Rita.

On September 2009, I lead an initiation program on Centering Prayer using Contemplative Outreach DVDs and I called this program:  ‘Praying From the Heart’  – Opening to Presence of God in Our Life.  After the workshop, we practiced Centering Prayer so people were able to partake in the experience. This group meet every two weeks to pray together from September 2009 to June 2010. Then, we committed to go through the Spiritual Journey Series material as a group. The experience was very demanding; however we  found this approach was an effective way to go through the foundations for Centering Prayer and the Christian Contemplative Life. We finished this material on December 2012 and then we read the book The Mystery of Christ by Fr. Thomas Keating. In order to work as a group, we read it aloud during our meetings. During the summer we started the new DVD material from Contemplative Outreach: The Gift of Life. Death & Dying – Life and Living. At this moment, we are searching what will be our next enrichment material after our prayer time for the coming rest of the year.

The Catholic Church of St. Rita – 32820 Baldwin Road, Solon, Ohio 44139 | 440.248.1350

2. Brecksville Group at St. Mattew’s.

An Ecumenical Contemplative group started at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Brecksville, Ohio. Rev. Stephanie Pace is very enthusiastic with this project and she is collaborating as a leader in conjunction with Dottie Rieman and myself.  Our first meeting was on May 14, 2013. Since then, we have meet twice per month, on the second and forth Tuesday of the month. We are in the planning process for the coming rest of the year.


St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church – 9549 Highland Drive Brecksville, OH 44141 | 440-526-9865

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