Praying From The Heart

Several years ago, I started being drawn instinctively by a no conceptual kind of prayer and I began to search for support in my community. I experienced Centering Prayer (CP) with a group in 2004 and my curiosity deepened when I learned about the History of Contemplative Prayer in the Christian Tradition (1).  After two years of practicing CP and noticing the effects in my daily life and the improvements of my relationship with God, I decided to start to service on Contemplative Outreach Northeast Ohio.

In 2009, after several years as volunteer in my parish and organizing many activities of Contemplative Outreach, I found out very challenging to expose new people to this kind of prayer. I just felt a call to start a new prayer group called “Prayer From The Heart ” – Opening to the Presence of God in our daily Life – as a way to introduce Centering Prayer slowly using Contemplative Outreach materials and offering myself to be with them. After a year, of praying together once every two weeks all year around, I was able to consolidate a new group. After four years of my experience leading this group, I feel more confident that Centering Prayer is one way to initiate contemplative prayer.

Praying From The Heart is an Ecumenical Contemplative group. The purpose is to  introduce new people to Contemplation through Centering Prayer as taught by Thomas Keating (2), form new groups to facilitate this journey and  promote the development of Contemplative Spirituality.

Josefina U Fernandez

A prayer group is made of people who seek God.

Those who seek God are given the desire for God. 

One who desires God is the richest person in the world. 

Even God can not give a grater gift. Go for it!

Fr. William Meninger


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