Elements of True Love

1. Friendship or kinship.

2. The capacity to heal or healing. To heal is to become or to make something healthy or well again. Thus, healing can be seen as a process of transforming and removing suffering, so that wellbeing can be present in ourselves, in our relationship with ourselves, and with others.

3. The joy that we cultivate in ourselves or the joy that we offer to other person. When we’re gratified by the joy that another person is experiencing, this is known as “altruistic joy”, to feel happy for another person’s advantageous conditions or achievements.

4. Interbeing. Some people associate the terms “equanimity” and nondiscrimination” with equal rights, gender and racial issues so the term interbeing is used. In fact, interbeing encompasses equanimity, nondiscrimination, inclusiveness an letting go.

5.Trust and confidence and the consequences that those elements bring: breathing freely, freedom from fear, confidence, reliance, comfort, encouragement and inspiration.

6.Reverence or respect. Reverence is a capacity to recognize and to be in awe of what is.
(to put down upon the earth, turn or direct direct toward, deposit with, entrust or commit to, to place at the head, receive with reverence, call to mind, reflect, and ponder.)

Dang Neghiem, Sister.(2015) Mindfulness as Medicine: A Story of Healing Body and Spirit.p.15-16