Month: September 2016

Contemplation as an act of letting go

Contemplation as an act of letting go and allowing ourselves to be sculpted into a masterpiece: According to ancient theory of art, the practice of sculpting has less to do with fashioning a figure of one’s choosing than with being

Contemplation as Letting Go

Contemplation as Letting Go Friday, September 2, 2016 It’s really hard to “sell” contemplation because it’s precisely like selling nothing. For Americans, contemplative prayer is counter-intuitive. Even worse, it is, at least for me, a daily practice of assured failure!

God is this very moment giving to you

…“salvation” has little to do with belief systems, belonging to the right group, or correct ritual practice. It has everything to do with living right here, right now, and knowing a beautiful and fully accepting God is this very moment giving to