Month: August 2013

The Divine Indwelling

During our meeting, we cover the last segment of the Gift of Life program, “Coming Home”. Our conversation took us to a beautiful ending that is summarized: One thing I ask of the Lord; this I seek: to dwell in

The Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy

From Spirituality and Practice: Enrich your life with 37 universal spiritual practices. “Spiritual practices connect us with our true selves, our neighbors, our world, and our Source. This  alphabet is a map of the paths we use to make those vital

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Symbol and Meaning of the Cross

Symbol and Mening of the Cross Few weeks ago, our prayer group at Solon cover segment 6 of the Gif of Life- Death & Dying- Life & Living called “The Cross”. In order to go a little further about the

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St.Matthew’s Episcopal Church

An Ecumenical Contemplative group started at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Brecksville, Ohio. Rev. Stephanie Pace is very enthusiastic with this project and she is collaborating as a leader in conjunction with Dottie Rieman and myself.  Our first meeting was

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