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Holding His hand, I am not in charge anymore.

Today’s gospel (Mark 1:29-39) was about how Jesus grasped the hand of Simon’s mother-in-law who was sick with a fever. He helped her up and the fever left her and she waited on them. My mind just focuses in this

Fr. William Meninger Homily July 3_Do you know what the last word is?

July 3, 2016  When someone has an important agenda, for example, he or she is running for office and has an original, significant platform to offer, they send out advance men. Today this takes the form of news conferences, political

Trinity Homily. Fr. W. Meninger at St. Andrews Episcopal Church 2014

Fr. William Meninger click here for audio Friends, Fr. William delivered this homily  on Trinity Sunday, June 15, 2014 at St. Andrews Episcopal Church , Seattle. When he set  his notes down and began to preach, I knew I was a

What is Contemplative Prayer?

Emptiness and Non-Attachment, by Carl McColman.

“Last week I wrote about the difference between how Catholics understand meditation and contemplation, based on material found in the Catholic Catechism. A reader left the following comment on that post: We rest in God. But we do not empty our minds. We

Catholic Meditation and Contemplative Prayer: What’s the Difference? by Carl McColman.

“A reader of my blog wrote to me and asked this question: What do you see is the difference between Catholic meditation and contemplative prayer? It’s a great question, made complicated by the fact that words like meditation and contemplation can be used in

Exploring Foundations of Contemplative Living

Dear friends For me, it is a privilege to be working with the group that is planning the retreat led by James Finley and I am very excited to let you know with enough time. I would like to invite you personally to this

Merry Christmas 2015

May the graces and blessings of Christmas pour over you. May the peace and silence rest within you. May the Light fill your heart with joy, now and always! Holy Mary, we are blessed by your faith and trust in

Contemplative Prayer: Joanne Underwood Awakening

There is an article about Contemplative Prayer in the February 27th edition of The Catholic Exponent. It is about the awakening story of Joanne Underwood and how the experience of Centering Prayer and the support of Contemplative Outreach have helped

Raimon Panikkar

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