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Contemplative Prayer and Action

Contemplative prayer and action – life under the direct influence of the Seven Gifts of the Spirit (counsel,prudence, fortitude, reverence, wisdom, understanding, knowledge – is the gospel program for human health, wholeness, and transformation. (IG 74) : Fr. Thomas Keating.Intimacy

Suggestions for Reading Fr. Thomas Keating’s Books

Suggestions for Reading Fr. Thomas Keating’s Books: 1.The Human Condition: Contemplation and Transformation (Wit Lectures-Harvard Divinity School. (1999) by Thomas Keating O.C.S.O and Ronald F. Thiemann. _A short invitation to begin a personal spiritual journey. 2. Open Mind Open Heart

Thomas Keating: Evening Sharing at St. Benedictine Monastery

Thomas Keating – Evening Sharing in Meditation Room St. Benedictine 10 day Intensive retreat Tuesday evening Feb. 10th, 2015 ( Transcript made by Bob Mischke and Jennie Curtis )   MaryAnn: We are happy to have Thomas here.  How long