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Foundations of Contemplative Living

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A Meditation on Kenosis

I found this meditation at the end of the book title Humility Matters by Mary Margaret Funk (2005).In this meditation, I discover the words I was searching for so long in my Christian tradition. kenosis-meditation_hm

Running A Race With Your Eyes On the Goal.

Fr. William Meninger Homily_August 13, 2016 and  a guided meditation from Cardinal John Newman (Prayer used by Mother Theresa) Homily  The readings this morning are complicated and diverse so I would like to focus on just one important line from

Contemplative Prayer and the Birthright to what is already within you

Contemplative prayer is the change that changes everything. It’s not telling you what to see, but teaching you how to see. And when you know how to see, you’re home free. You’re indestructible. When you know how to see in

Radical Transformation _ Richard Rhor

Radical Transformation Thursday, May 12, 2016 Mature religion teaches contemplation as a path to true transformation. But before we are ready to be shaken and changed at our roots, we need religion at its lower levels to help us develop

What is Contemplative Prayer?

Renewing the Understanding of the Contemplative Tradition

Father Carl Arico wrote a series of questions and answers about the richness of Contemplative Prayer, Centering Prayer and the role of Contemplative Outreach. I highly recommend you read his article: Renewing the Understanding of the Contemplative Tradition

Exploring Foundations of Contemplative Living

Dear friends For me, it is a privilege to be working with the group that is planning the retreat led by James Finley and I am very excited to let you know with enough time. I would like to invite you personally to this

Fr. William Meninger -Love Beyond Limitations – Part 4 of The Four Monks


Fr. Basil Pennington – The Infinite Capacity for Love – Part 3 of The Four Monks